Talon Crescent War II - Target Archery

Please see the Martial Arts Schedule for a full list of Target Archery events at Talon Crescent War II.

Friday 12-Feb-16
9am - Range opens
9am - Noon - Open practice and Royal Rounds (MIC Kiyotora)
Noon - 1pm - Closed for lunch
1pm - 5pm - Caid Archery Queen's Championship (MIC Nico)
5pm - Range closes
8pm - Night Shoot - Balloons and Clout (MIC Kiyotora)

Saturday 13-Feb-16
8:30am - Range opens
8:30am - 9am - Morning Clout (MIC Kiyotora)
9am - 1pm - Artemisian Tournament (MIC Ryryd)
1pm - 4pm - Crossbow Tournament (MIC Michael of Bolton) and Talon Crescent War Championship (MIC Kiyotora)
4pm - Range closes
8pm - Night Shoot - Aerial target and Lawn Archery (MIC Kiyotora)

Sunday 14-Feb-16
9am - Range opens
9am - 1pm - Open practice and Royal Rounds (MIC Kiyotora)
1pm - Range closes

Night Shoot - Balloons and Clout
Join us on the archery field after the sun has gone down on Friday night for fun with LED balloons, clout with glow sticks, and a variety of other fun things to shoot in the dark.

Night Shoot - Aerial target and Lawn Archery
Join us on the archery field after the sun has gone down on Saturday night for fun with the aerial target launcher in the dark, as well as a very silly game we call Lawn Archery. If any balloons and other targets survive Friday, we'll have them out too.

Morning Clout
Come out on Saturday morning and wake up with archery. We'll be doing what’s called volley clout shots, so even if you aren't an archer come out and see a small representation of filling the air with arrows.

Talon Crescent War Championship
Fight for the honor of Caid or Artemisia on the field of the best of the crazy targets from Starkhafn Anniversaries past. There will be a moving target, the squirrel tree, the aerial target launcher, the quintain, and pool noodles. Come shoot at your leisure on Saturday afternoon, there will be prizes for top of rank, as well as high score for both Kingdoms. Flu-flu arrows are required for the aerial target, please bring your own if you are able, or we will have 30-35 lb. spined ones and loaner bows to use for that target.

Artemisian Tournament
Archers of the Realm and Beyond! Come forth and test your mettle against the Artemisian Archery Tournament. A mixed array of targets and challenges await you, for your enjoyment. There may also be a bit of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. It is, after all, brought to you by the Kingdom of Artemisia and its (some have said 'sadistic') Archer General. If you desire a challenge, good fun, and good fellowship, then come to the range at 9:00 AM Saturday. Warm-ups will begin immediately prior. Six arrows in thy quiver is required. 10 would be better. An even dozen is best.

I will update when I have descriptions from Niko for Caid Queen's Championship and Michael of Bolton for the Crossbow Tournament.

Doumo arigato,
Kazetani Kiyotora

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