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Friends Hitting Friends With Sticks!

Friends Hitting Friends With Sticks!

Fight. Craft. Shop. Play. Just a Friendly Little Battle. The Kingdoms of Caid & Artemisia...

Talon Crescent War

Talon Crescent War

Winter has gone on and on and on. Enough! We need a break from the...



Pre-registration for Talon Crescent War 2016 is now closed. See you at War! ...

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Talon Crescent War II (February 11-15, 2016) Updates

  • TCW II Gatebook is now available. Click for the most recent version with a full schedule of events. Last edited 11 Feb 2016.
  • Master Schedule is now available.

  • TCW II site map Click for most recent version.

  • Festival of the Rose information.

  • Duke Leif Tourney information.

  • Archers bring your Flu Flu arrows! See the Archery page for more event information.

  • Pre-registration for Talon Crescent War 2016 will is now open.
    Click the link to access the pre-reg form and get more details.
    Deadline for pre-reg is extended to January 29, 2016

  • Want information about Volunteering at Talon Crescent War 2016? Click the link.

  • Arts & Sciences Teachers: Artisans from the Known World are preparing to meet at Talon Crescent War to teach, to learn, to share knowledge. Come be part of it! If you would like to volunteer to teach or organize an A&S activity for Talon Crescent War 2016, see the Arts & Sciences page for the latest and to submit a Class Proposal form.

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